A graduate from the New School/ Parsons in Journalism, Raissa Ines is a digital content creator, artist and model who sailed away from her native land , Cote D’ivoire when she could barely do her laces, grew up  in Paris and has been on the east coast since 2006.

From Art direction, photography, film and design, Raissa has touched all aspects of creativity and it is through an engaging gaze that she tell the stories she find relevant. This blog focus on storytelling, through Style, art, culture… and interviews with inspiring people she has met along the way. When not editing articles for Style&Insights, Raissa can be found hanging out with loved ones and making silly jokes, eating what she thinks is healthy and trying to stay inspired and hopefully to inspire others!

Thank you for visting! 🙂


One thought

  1. Peace Queen I met you in an uber our your lil “hood” out here on the east coast. I love your work. Let’s build this summer? Hit me back I’m herban_queen on IG 👌🏿


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