5 of my favorite beauty products, I have been using this winter.

Nothing makes me happier than having a healthy skin. With the right products paired with a good routine, our skin can be healthy and nourished…and we don’t have to pay a fortune either. If you’re like me and part of of the  “less is more” aka ” I don’t have time” gang then you might like some those low key and natural products I have been using this whole year , and recommend especially as winter is upon us!



1. Hands down, one of the best clay I used in a while. I am a believer in products that been used for a long time and passed on. This atzec indian Clay is not only affordable, it’s incredibly effective. It clean pores in depth, soften the skin, removes toxins, and combat acne and blackhead. The perfect all year long mask and come in generous size. You can get it here, for basically $10!

2. I didn’t know I needed a cream to go to sleep but now I do! This Skin Quench Sleeping Cream has been good to me. Made with plants extracts and skin-essentials minerals, this is good especially for dry skin. If you feel that dose of feeling hydrated especially this season without doing much, this serum is perfect and easy to apply on your way to bed. You can find it (here)

3. I found this toner randomly as I was shopping for a makeup remover, and it didn’t disappoints. After my cleansing routine, applying this toner has made my skin feel more clear and clean. Lot of natural ingredients . A great toner under $10. Find it here.

4. Yes! This gel is “dramatically different” from several moisturizer I have used so far. I like to use it after the shower, and after I remove my makeup or when I come wake up in the morning.

5. So this is not skincare, but can of feel like one!  I like my makeup to feel natural , so this liquid foundation works like lotion on my skin, and makes looks flawless never caky. you can find it here.

and don’t forget water! ( major notes to self!)



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