Designer Amanda Melh has started a Fashion revolution

Me by Amanada

I still remember when wearing braids was not really okay and when there were barely any models of color representation in modeling…So it’s reasonable to say that the fashion industry today is more diverse and inclusive that it used to be. However to affirm that the industry is fully representative of the people that lives in society as large would be a far stretched from the truth. Last Monday, I had the opportunity to work for the second time as a model ( I am pictured in the first photo in the middle) with Amanda Melh, the NYC inter-disciplinary artist and fashion designer who has started a fashion revolution with her avant garde mise en scene, eclectic collections and her ability to represent all kinds of models, from different ethnicities, genders, shapes, looks…. Melh’s s show “Love Handles” that took place in the oldest hardware store in NYC ( Garber Hardware Est.1884) which attracted media outlet like CBS and the Huffington Post was a celebration of originality. I had the opportunity to meet amazing models from all over the US and be part of this cool experience. It’s refreshing to see Designer like Amanda who think forward and dare to represent models as they are.Check out more of Mehl’s work here and keep up with her fashion revolution!

Photographs : by Jena Cumbo  ( IG: @jenacumbo )

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